Many of the largest societal problems today relate to sustainability, broadly defined. The chief one is, of course, climate change. Others are related to social sustainability–when, and how, are business models a good thing for society on the long-term.

Digital technologies, and AI and algorithms in particular, can both be a boon for sustainability issues and an obstacle:

At the same time, AI is in many cases energy-hungry. It has also been observed that AI’s potential for inscrutability may mean that the insights it derives, or automated decisions it makes, are not socially sustainable. For instance, because they are discriminatory or in some way biased.

Founding Team

Jockum Hildén, PhD., Research Director

Jockum is a post-doctoral researcher and lawyer based in Stockholm, Sweden. He speaks four languages.

Stefan Larsson, PhD., Board Member

Stefan is an Associate Professor of Technology and Social Change at Lund University. One PhD wasn’t enough, so he did two. 

Claire Ingram Bogusz, PhD., Board Member

Claire is an Associate Professor of Information Systems at Uppsala University. When not working on research, she gardens.

Anna Felländer, MSc., Board Member

Anna is the Founder and President of Anch.AI. Her face is constantly in the newspapers.

Ricardo Vinuesa, PhD., Board Member

Ricardo is an Associate Professor of Engineering Mechanics at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). Bridging European and American approaches.


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